GitHub Actions integration#

You can use Black within a GitHub Actions workflow without setting your own Python environment. Great for enforcing that your code matches the Black code style.


This action is known to support all GitHub-hosted runner OSes. In addition, only published versions of Black are supported (i.e. whatever is available on PyPI).

Finally, this action installs Black with the colorama extra so the --color flag should work fine.


Create a file named .github/workflows/black.yml inside your repository with:

name: Lint

on: [push, pull_request]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v3
      - uses: psf/black@stable

We recommend the use of the @stable tag, but per version tags also exist if you prefer that. Note that the action’s version you select is independent of the version of Black the action will use.

The version of Black the action will use can be configured via version. This can be any valid version specifier or just the version number if you want an exact version. The action defaults to the latest release available on PyPI. Only versions available from PyPI are supported, so no commit SHAs or branch names.

If you want to include Jupyter Notebooks, Black must be installed with the jupyter extra. Installing the extra and including Jupyter Notebook files can be configured via jupyter (default is false).

You can also configure the arguments passed to Black via options (defaults to '--check --diff') and src (default is '.'). Please note that the --check flag is required so that the workflow fails if Black finds files that need to be formatted.

Here’s an example configuration:

- uses: psf/black@stable
    options: "--check --verbose"
    src: "./src"
    jupyter: true
    version: "21.5b1"

If you want to match versions covered by Black’s stability policy, you can use the compatible release operator (~=):

- uses: psf/black@stable
    options: "--check --verbose"
    src: "./src"
    version: "~= 22.0"