Black Docker image#

Official Black Docker images are available on Docker Hub.

Black images with the following tags are available:

  • release numbers, e.g. 21.5b2, 21.6b0, 21.7b0 etc.
    ℹ Recommended for users who want to use a particular version of Black.

  • latest_release - tag created when a new version of Black is released.
    ℹ Recommended for users who want to use released versions of Black. It maps to the latest release of Black.

  • latest - tag used for the newest image of Black.
    ℹ Recommended for users who always want to use the latest version of Black, even before it is released.

There is one more tag used for Black Docker images - latest_non_release. It is created for all unreleased commits on the main branch. This tag is not meant to be used by external users.


A permanent container doesn’t have to be created to use Black as a Docker image. It’s enough to run Black commands for the chosen image denoted as :tag. In the below examples, the latest_release tag is used. If :tag is omitted, the latest tag will be used.

More about Black usage can be found in Usage and Configuration: The basics.

Check Black version#

$ docker run --rm pyfound/black:latest_release black --version

Check code#

$ docker run --rm --volume $(pwd):/src --workdir /src pyfound/black:latest_release black --check .

Remark: besides regular Black exit codes returned by --check option, Docker exit codes should also be considered.